Dan Harwood on Spencer Datt

Magruder High School boys basketball coach Dan Harwood took some time after his team’s victory in the Class 4A Maryland  State Championship Game to discuss the memory of Spencer Datt, who was killed in an automobile accident in 2011.

We lost Spencer Datt. He graduated in 2010, he was teammates with J.J., Garland, Nick, and Luke. All the kids knew him from my basketball camp. And it was devastating to us. Any time you lose a young person at that stage in their life in a tragic accident – it was unbelievable. But all the things you see with the shirts — the “Who Datt,” the “We Datt,” the stuff with the sayings — it was all kid-generated. You don’t have to report this stuff, I know it’s not the main story, but my team that’s the kind of kids they were. It was all kid-generated, they designed those shirts, they came up with those shirts, they have all the sayings. They were fighting for Spencer all year. I’m just so proud of them that way, and I know Spencer was looking down on us.


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